Independence Through Collective Dreams

“Khadi is livery of freedom”, we achieved this independance by walking on the trail of Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi). He gave the momentum to the freedom fight by introducing Khadi and Swdeshi movement. The idea behind was to become self sufficient and not rely on any foreign country for imports. For him, being self sustaining was a synonym to freedom.

Real freedom comes when  all in the society grow collectively. With rich growing richer and poor growing poorer, freedom looses all its essence.  Blue Madder, believe in  this collective growth which starts from  rural India. The pursuits of making each individual, each household financially independent, will give them the wings of freedom. Freedom to choose better ways of living and dignified livelihoods.

Charkha is the symbol of the nation’s prosperity and therefore freedom. It bears a message of goodwill and self-help. By re –introducing the culture of hand spinning, we try to compliment the agro income. This financial independence, specially for the women, strengthens the rural fabric.

Wool Hand Spinning at Rukma’s house.

The story of Rukma Devi from Birlokha is an inspiration for many of her spinning collegues.

Rukma devi, belonged to the Meghwal (weaver) community. Her husband was the village weaver . As they did not own a decent piece of land, family was totally dependent on the income generated from weaving. From past few years, the shrinking demands led to low income. The sudden death of the bread winner added to the families woes. Rukma Devi was left at the mercy of the extended family.

When Blue Madder first went to the village, she was apprehensive about the idea of spinning. She was aware of the decreasing demands . She raised a direct question that how long will Blue Madder will be able to sustain this model of spinning and weaving in the village. The team convinced her by introducing the new markets and the products, showing her the visuals and similar set ups.

Still low on confidence , she enrolled herself and started spinning. Now after one and a half year of spinning, she has taken up the family responsibilities. Her latest achievement is a toilet being made for the family.

This is what Blue Madder calls , Independence.

Today , even after 68 years , Gandhi is still so relevant.

Blue Madder is religiously determined, to create an eco system where everyone spin yarn in their own homes  as they cook  their own food. Its voluntary revival with all its implications must mean India’s freedom.

The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.

‘I feel convinced that the revival of hand-spinning and hand weaving will make the largest contribution to the economic and the moral regeneration of India. The millions must have a simple industry to supplement agriculture. Spinning was the cottage industry years ago, and if the millions are to be saved from starvation, they must be enabled to reintroduce spinning in their homes and every village must repossess its own weaver’.- By Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Independence Day, 15th August’2015.

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