‘Craftling’ Trails from Last Summer 2015…..continue

Craft is an image of our culture that is both visible as well as tangible. Craftling (name of the Training and Skill Development Program) is all about fostering a platform for learning and co – learning the indigenous crafts and giving them meaning & context in our everyday life.

We at Craftling promote Indian craft by organizing various workshops which are not only entitled for kids but even for the adults. It is very important to sensitise the youth about the crafts of India, to keep our culture alive. This will help them to gain a better perspective & more hands on understanding of our rich culture. This exposure will instill a sense of respect wonder and zeal to learn more about our prevalent heritage and culture.

Beyond the transfer of knowledge, it fosters reciprocal learning relationships between different generations & help to develop social cohesion in our ageing society. Many changes in the society such as geographic mobility have led to generations frequently becoming distanced or segregated from one another, particularly young & old people.

Craftling has looked immensely into this matter & has created a platform where co-learning & inter generational learning forms the most important aspect of their workshops, where kids with their parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, friends, artisans, teachers etc. can have an exposure towards the craft.

Glimpse from Craftling By BlueMadder’s 2015 ten days long Summer Workshop @ Jodhpur Urban Haat in May 2015.

More over it is no secret that kids today are more stressed than ever. At school and even at home they face a tremendous amount of pressure to be the BEST and perform. Craftling plan there workshops in a manner that these are stress busters for the participants where they can participate and can enhance their creativity and understand the craft.

From the archive of Craftling by BlueMadder of their a week long Summer workshop in May 2015.

Today as we sit down to decide the dates of our second workshop we walk down the memory lane and re-visit the experiences and learning from the first one.

The 185 students who attended the workshop, were they benefited by it, how much and in which direction, was a general , which lead us to inquire more about them. We wanted to know more about the journey of our ‘Craftling’  post the workshop. We tried to meet and cover the stories of various participants, who more than in one ways inspire others to join this Maker Movement.

We want to share their journey and use this space (read blog) as a platform to showcase their stories, experiences learning and more importantly their handcrafted journey. The joys, satisfaction and pride which they derive by creating articles ( even the smallest ones ) on their own is un-matchable. We will be presenting a series of stories, but this not at all means that the ones we could not cover were any less than these….keep watching the space for some exciting and inspirational stories of our Craftling, how these workshop made change in their life.